Letters between a Christian and an Atheist

Here’s something I’ve craved for a while – a considered, measured and civilised correspondence between an Atheist, Luke Muehlhauser, and a Christian, Tim Challies: click here.

Related to this (here) was also a well written and inspirational letter in the Daily Telegraph yesterday (not my normal daily, by the way, although I feel unduly defensive in saying so):

‘Christianity teaches that we are enabled to understand the deepest meaning of the world and to achieve that nobler existence, because of one who shared in the blooming buzzing confusion of infancy and in the torment of the adult world.

‘The God who made us minded and mindful, also entered into our condition to rescue it from self-inflicted turmoil.

‘Set alongside the Christmas message that “the Maker of the stars and sea became a child on earth for me” (John Betjeman), atheism’s strident denials seem incapable of inspiration, and its claims to intellectual superiority are without substance.


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