Nope not fork.  Dork.  Yesterday I thought it would be wise (ha!) to fill up with fuel because costs were predicted to go up today (1 Jan 2010).   Coming across a petrol station which seemed to be offering pretty cheap fuel I proceeded to fill up, only realising after 25 litre’s worth that I was putting unleaded petrol in our diesel car, with which I am not in love and this incident hardly served to improve my affection for the heap of metal.   (Incidentally the car in question – a Renault Laguna – broke down in France last year.  When the breakdown man came to sort it out, and bearing in mind this was the country of it’s manufacture, he said “Achetez un Renault, allez au velo, which translates as “Buy a Renault, go by bike’). What started as a 50 minute journey from Swindon to Stroud, turned into a 4 hour mini-epic with the family and will probably cost a minimum of £100 to sort out.  All to save around £4.50, and rather irritatingly on New Year’s Eve.

A  number of lessons have been learned, primarily I hope which is one of always putting the right fuel in the car.  It’s good to know that you can’t misfuel a bike, and fortunately that God was no less with us by the roadside than around the meal table praying and talking about what the Bible says. It also gave us a lot of time to pray together.  And, no doubt a lot of ribbing from my wife and daughters over the next few weeks.  I am so looking forward to it.

Happy New Year.


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