Reading plan 2010

This is very much a Christian book list, and not a cycling one. I have no trouble whatsoever picking up a cycling book and reading it 🙂 This, therefore, is really a plan to get me through some books that have been piling up, unread, and gathering dust. Here’s my pop at a list, given the criteria I rustled up yesterday:

  • Introduction/overview apologetics: Mere Christianity C S Lewis; The God who is There Francis Schaeffer
  • Bible overview: Symphony of Scripture Mark Strom
  • Prayer: Our Father Richard Coekin
  • The Christian Life: The Ordinary Hero Tim Chester; How Long O Lord D A Carson
  • Doctrine: The Cross of Christ John Stott; Know the Truth Bruce Milne
  • Evangelism: Know and Tell the Gospel John Chapman
  • Church: 9 Marks Mark Dever
  • Christian Biography “Wesley and Men Who Followed” Iain Murray
  • Classics: The Reformed Pastor Richard Baxter

What’s not there? Well if I was guaranteed to be a faster reader, then I’d add in one or two more historical classics. “The Cost of Discipleship” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer very nearly made it (also recently purchased secondhand), and there’s not much on culture, or topical issues such as abortion or politics. It would be good to brush up on bible handling techniques, or have a month’s little project on improving my quiet times. There’s a good few books on this very helpful list that I’d like to look at – 100 great Christian books – but maybe next year. Nonetheless, here’s the plan in month order:

  • Mere Christianity CS Lewis (Jan)
  • Our Father (Feb)
  • Symphony of Scripture: Mark Strom (Mar)
  • The Cross of Christ – Stott (Apr)
  • Know and Tell the Gospel, John Chapman (May)
  • The Reformed Pastor (Jun)
  • The Ordinary Hero (Jul)
  • How Long O Lord? (Aug)
  • Know the Truth (Sep)
  • 9 Marks (Oct)
  • Wesley and Men Who Followed (Nov)
  • The God who is There (Dec)

I’ll endeavour to jot down some thoughts as I finish each book. In the meantime though, I’ve agreed to read another book with a Vicar from another church: the Shack. I’m half way through and really not sure what to make of it – some of it makes me want to say “come on, that’s just wrongheaded” and other bits genuinely seem to offer insight or remind me of God’s authority and breadth. I’m a third of the way though and need to finish it by next Monday.


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