Now, time for cycling plans…

As with most cyclists who do anything more than a quick whizz out for a ride on a Saturday morning, or those that only use two wheels to commute. January normally brings about the optimistic, and even laughable attempt at an annual cycling plan.  For a brief moment, it allows the hopeful among us to contemplate the idea of cresting some climb or perform some feat of endurance in July with ease, clad elegantly in cycling gear that displays just how thin you’ve become and leaving at least one other rider further down the hill.  Today is that day.

I could do a gap analysis, but the best gap to analyse is the one that occurs on the waistband of many of my pairs of trousers each morning, which betrays my liking for Christmas pud.  And a badly applied theology of food.  In short, if there’s any hope of a return to form of any kind, there’s a lot to do.

Normally I do thicken up a little each winter, but at the end of the last winter, I broke my arm.  Here’s the X-Ray.

It did nothing for my early season riding (six weeks off the bike, plus a few weeks of aches and pains afterwards) – along with the inactivity and lack of focus on any riding objectives whatsoever, I loaded on some serious girth.  Things just have to change.

Here, then is my training strategy in four words:


Good isn’t it?   The plan follows soon.


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