Passion for cycling vs passion for Jesus

Like many Christian cyclists I know, I often find that my passion for the sport is consuming.  Those of us that race will spend 10 hours or more a week training, just to keep up in the peleton/pack/gruppo (choose your continental cycling culture).   We will talk for years afterwards about cycling up near-mythical climbs, such as the Tourmalet, Gavia, Alpe D’Huez, or even the brutal early season slopes of the Koppenberg or Muur.  Thoughts of a near effortless ride as if there was no chain can often drift me into sleep, and I can’t be the only one. Few of us are ashamed to be associated with a cycling club.

However, we never seem to allow Jesus, who offers us more than these places ever could, to inspire quite such a passion.   I rarely think back to great services in the way I do to several great rides.  There’s a few moments to savour – mainly conferences – but for many, the Christian life lacks the passion shown in sport, or work.   Here, therefore is a great article, posted on Credenda|Agenda which finishes off with the pleasingly risque line: “it would be a sign of vitality if the church were more often mistaken for a lusty harlot than a shriveled spinster”.  Read it and be inspired.


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