Sounds like a good name for a bike, no?  ‘Levi-‘ seems to relate to ‘levitate’, which must be the ultimate feeling on a bike, and the ‘-ticus’ gives it a Greco- style gravitas.   If I ever own a bike company it will either be called Leviticus, or at least one model will sport the name.   Given that there is already a bike firm called Genesis, then Exodus (also a good name, I think) and Leviticus can’t be too long in following.

Of course though, it’s the third Bible book.  Here’s an untrue statistic that might ring true: 84.3% of people who start to read the Bible from cover to cover, flounder and splutter out in Leviticus.  So this post here is just what you need: a short summary of Leviticus which is helpful and enlightening.  (Although I’m not sure I agree with the distinction of food laws.)


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