Kaffenback…get it?

It’s been a while since I posted.  Flu, a baby, a tough old workload and procrastination were the general factors.  My cycling has been woeful, but then the weather has hardly been conducive.   A look at last year’s cycling and book reading plans did not make for pleasant reading – some of they way in both, but not really very good. Good thing my eternal security does not lie in my fitness or education, I reckon.

So I’ve been out tootling along on what is becoming my trusty Kaffenback. I never quite knew why it was so called, and given Planet-X/On-one’s propensity for naming their other bits of equipment, I was concerned that it was some vile euphemism.  Happily, I discovered why it is called the Kaffenback – nothing hideous, and not some Belgian cobbled climb either.

Last Saturday, I was heading gently on my own from Hassop to Great Longstone in the Peak, when I ran into my cycling colleagues from the Common Lane Occasionals as they were heading in the opposite way to me, en route back home (if you wondering why I wasn’t with them, I’m taking things gently at the moment!).  The conversation went something like this:

“Good to see you Rob – how’s it going and how’s the Kaffenback?”

“Great Tony – good to see you too.  Where did you get to this morning?”

(Pointing to my bike) “We’ve been there!”

‘Eh?  Where?”

“There!  You know – to the caff and back.  Kaffenback!”

Truly an Acts 9:18 moment.


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