Giving good news, breaking bad news

As any reader will have gathered I try my best to limit the seriousness of my posts. There are far better places than this to find useful Christian advice, not least in some of the blogs listed down the side.  Nope; my job, in part, is to point out the ridiculousness of a portly 40-something bloke on a bike, and therefore someone who clearly needs to trust in Jesus.

But I need to be indulged every now and then.  I’ve been away these last three days (on a BAP for those in the know) and because of one of the exercises, I’ve given quite some thought to how we give written feedback and advice.   This is my conclusion:

Good news and encouragement are good things to set out in letters. It allows the reader to look at them again and again and benefit from your words each time.  For the same reason bad news or criticism should be given verbally or in person rather than set out in a letter or an email, unless it backs up what you have already said.

All too often I’m quick at firing off a critical email (particularly in my non-pastoral role) and I’ve realised it’s just not good enough.  Let see what this does to my working life!


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