Christmas is not for slacking…

As I headed off to our church Carol service last night I bumped into one of my student colleagues.  I said “Only three Christmases until we’re knee deep ourselves” or something along those lines.  In other words we have three years as student ministers to enjoy Christmas before it becomes a big work slog thing.

When I got to the service I realised I was being a complete numpty.  Of course Christmas services are hard work for Church ministers. Good stuff always is.  And there at the Carol service was a whole church celebrating the coming of the Lord; and not just members of the church family, but neighbours and friends too.  Those who rarely cross a church threshold, but clearly enjoyed it.  This ought to be what makes a minister tick: preaching the word to the faithful and the visitors.

It’s not three years until it becomes a big work slog thing at all.  It’s three years until I can get truly stuck in, and there’s no time like the present to be practising.    These three years will be best used to try and reduce the numpty factor.


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