Rob Bridgewater, Sheffield. Sinner resting on God’s grace; forty-something father of three and a big cyclist. In both senses of the word ‘big’.

The photo that sometimes appears in the header is at the ‘summit’ of the Col De La Croix de Fer, in the French Alps, taken as a group of us passed over it in June 2008 en route from Calais to Nice.

There was something remarkable about slogging up a mountainside for hours, and then finding a cross at the top. I don’t know why I found it at all surprising, given the name, but it was a timely lesson in being reminded that wherever we turn, it’s Jesus Christ, and his action at the cross (and the real one, at that) that matters. It was worth climbing the Alps for that thought alone.

I’m a normal bloke, enjoying life and battling my troublesome self as much as the next bloke, and yet deeply content with Jesus and his love for me, mainly through recognising God’s true grace through Jesus’ death and resurrection. It gives me great hope for this life and on. Because of this I think it is worth dedicating as much of life as possible to gospel work, so I’m a Curate in at St John’s Church, Chapeltown after spending three years at the stupendously excellent Oak Hill College, London, where I trained to be a minister in the Church of England.

Otherwise I’m a married father of three; an extraordinary, but reforming faffer; a one-time racing cycler; now taking things slightly in a somewhat more leisurely fashion, where my waistline has therefore come out in sympathy.

Don’t take this blog too seriously.  I’m serious about Christ but flippant about most other things.  There are hundreds of cracking blogs written by people far more able than me – one or two are on the right.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Rob, thanks for linking to my site. If you are a Christian and enjoy cycling, then you really must read Tom Davies’s Merlin the Magician and the Pacific Coast Highway. It is the only Christian book which has ever made me laugh out loud (and I included Adrian Plass in that). He is as mad as the proverbial fish, but it is an absorbing book.

    1. John, Thanks for your comment. I’m an avid lurker of the Ugley Vicar – thanks very much for your blog, which has been helpful for one testing out ministry in the Church of England. Thanks for the book tip too – I’ll suggest it next time someone asks me what I’d like for Christmas. Regards, Rob

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